Goward Springs Workparty – A Great Day for Staking

On the frosty morning of December 9th (2017), a crew of 12 energetic volunteers joined the Goward Springs Stewards and Peninsula Streams Society (PSS) at the Vancouver Island Technology Park (by Camosun College Interurban Campus) to plant stakes on Viaduct Flats. Stakes had been cut the day before in preparation for the event. Together, the crew planted a total of 90 stakes (30 each of Red-osier Dogwood, Cottonwood and Willow) in under an hour. When the final stake had been planted, Brian (of PSS) provided a stake-cutting demonstration so that stewards could embark on their own staking projects. And if planting 90 stakes wasn’t enough, volunteers also helped remove an old fence from the park and a few even tackled some invasive Himalayan Blackberry bushes. A Special thanks to Lynn Husted of Goward Springs Stewards for providing treats for the event.

A Day in the Life of a Water Quality Volunteer

At our annual Colquitz Coalition meeting a couple weeks ago, Goward Springs Steward Sarah HG gave a presentation on the group’s water quality (WQ) results in the watershed. In this post she takes us along on their recent January WQ outing. The group goes out once a month to collect measurements on dissolved oxygen, pH, water temperature, turbidity, electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids; they also collect water samples for fecal coliform analysis. Field WQ measurements are taken monthly at 8 sites:  4 tributaries flowing into Viaduct Flats, and 4 sites on Viaduct Creek/Goward A between Viaduct Flats and the Colquitz River. For an aerial of the Goward Springs Watershed, see the CRD Colquitz River Watershed map here…Goward Springs is SW of Beaver Lake. If you’re interested in joining them on a future trip or other volunteer activity, or would like more details about their WQ program, please contact them. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

Today’s guest author Sarah Hudson-Gray would like to extend a special thanks to photographer Mike MacFarlane, WQ partner Lucy Bashford, and Al Rosenthal and Erin Jones for their help.



Jan. 2017 Meeting of the Colquitz Coalition

Dear Colquitz Coalition,

Well the time has come to schedule our annual meeting~! We last met in November 2015. We suggest a meeting in January 2017. Please let me know which of the following dates work for you and we’ll select ONE of the dates to accommodate as many groups as possible. Please respond with your availability by January 2nd.

Option 1 – Thursday Jan. 19th from 7-9pm
Option 2 – Saturday 21st from 1-3pm
Option 3 – Wednesday 25th from 7-9pm

The location is TBD, but may be Pearkes Rec. Centre as that location has worked pretty well for us in the past.

This meeting is open to all the current Colquitz Coalition groups and any groups interested in our activities and/or in joining, or individuals interested in environmental stewardship/volunteering etc. in the watershed. This is an opportunity to share the projects your group has been working on, goals achieved, setbacks experienced, and to talk of future projects, build partnerships, etc.

Any and all members of the individual groups are welcome to attend (not just the Colquitz Coalition reps).

Thank you in advance for your response, and we look forward to meeting with you in the new year~!

Francesca, Peninsula Streams Society

Fall 2015 Meeting of the Colquitz Coalition

It’s time to schedule the next gathering of the Colquitz Coalition~!

We’d like to schedule the next Colquitz Coalition meeting for mid November. We’ve selected two dates to choose from (Tuesday Nov. 10th or Thursday Nov. 12th). Let us know which date works for you, or if both dates work equally well. Please let us know by Friday Oct. 23rd which date(s) work for you, and then we’ll notify everyone by email with the selected (most popular) date, and meeting location (likely Pearkes Rec. Centre). It will be an evening meeting, commencing at 7pm.

The meeting is open to all members of the Colquitz Coalition and new groups who wish to join the Coalition. Also welcome to attend are members of the public who may be unaffiliated with Coalition groups but are interested in stewardship of the Colquitz River Watershed. Please contact Peninsula Streams Society if you have any questions~!

Thank you,
Peninsula Streams Society

Colquitz Mainstem Community Meeting #2

The second meeting of the Colquitz Mainstem Stewardship group will take place on Wednesday November 4th at 7pm. See Calendar listing for more details.

walkabout Sep 20151

Colquitz River Walk with stewards, Sep. 29, 2015, photo credit: Francesca Loro

Swan Creek Riffle Repair Workparty

Members of the very active Friends of Swan Creek Watershed met on September 20th to distribute rock and gravel in the stream and rebuild a riffle from last year.

Photo Credit:  Debbie Oostland

“A Tale of Two Lakes” (Elk/Beaver)

Can Aging lakes be rejuvenated?

A public forum co-sponsored by the UVic Environmental Law Centre and Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Society will be held on Thursday October 29 from 7-9pm. The purpose of the forum is to provide scientific information about the problems with Elk/Beaver Lake and potential measures to address them. There will be three speakers and information booths of various stakeholders. One of the speakers will be Dr. Rick Nordin, who published a report on the water quality at Elk/Beaver Lake. For more info about the forum, contact Mick Collins, Co-Chair Elk/Beaver Lake Initiative at 250-598-3294.

Anticipated attendance is 100-200 people. They encourage everyone to arrive around 6pm to visit with various stakeholders at their booths from 6-7pm.

For detailed invitation, click here.

For parking map, click here (parking lot marked with red arrow)

The following organizations have confirmed their booth spaces to date:

· Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC
· Habitat Acquisition Trust
· Peninsula Streams Society
· Victoria Rowing Society
· Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Society
· Gorge Waterway Initiative

Invitation: Colquitz Mainstem Community Meeting

See today’s article in the Saanich News about Peninsula Streams Society’s upcoming meeting.

Colquitz mainstem stewardship poster Sep 2015

Swan Creek Capital City Allotment Gardens Restoration Project

Date: Beginning July 2015

About the Project:

Swan Creek is an urban Salmon stream in Greater Victoria. It was logged, then farmed and ditched in many areas. The upper reach below Swan Lake has a Community Garden area that is very popular and well-used. In winter, the lower elevation garden plots flood due to the plugged creek channel from the past and present activities. The problems were identified in a 2014 habitat assessment resulting in a collaborative plan by the Peninsula Streams Society, District of Saanich, Friends of Swan Creek Watershed and Capital City Allotment Gardens Society. The restoration plan involves moving garden plots, establishing best environmental management practices for the gardeners (i.e. fertilizers, garbage, encroachment, etc.) and restoring the creek channel. Our plans include:  excavating the accumulated sediments, removing invasive plants, improving storm water inputs, installing spawning gravel, deepening pools, planting native plants and installing educational signage. With thanks to the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Photo Credit:  Debbie Oostland