A Day in the Life of a Water Quality Volunteer

At our annual Colquitz Coalition meeting a couple weeks ago, Goward Springs Steward Sarah HG gave a presentation on the group’s water quality (WQ) results in the watershed. In this post she takes us along on their recent January WQ outing. The group goes out once a month to collect measurements on dissolved oxygen, pH, water temperature, turbidity, electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids; they also collect water samples for fecal coliform analysis. Field WQ measurements are taken monthly at 8 sites:  4 tributaries flowing into Viaduct Flats, and 4 sites on Viaduct Creek/Goward A between Viaduct Flats and the Colquitz River. For an aerial of the Goward Springs Watershed, see the CRD Colquitz River Watershed map here…Goward Springs is SW of Beaver Lake. If you’re interested in joining them on a future trip or other volunteer activity, or would like more details about their WQ program, please contact them. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

Today’s guest author Sarah Hudson-Gray would like to extend a special thanks to photographer Mike MacFarlane, WQ partner Lucy Bashford, and Al Rosenthal and Erin Jones for their help.