Jan. 2017 Meeting of the Colquitz Coalition

Dear Colquitz Coalition,

Well the time has come to schedule our annual meeting~! We last met in November 2015. We suggest a meeting in January 2017. Please let me know which of the following dates work for you and we’ll select ONE of the dates to accommodate as many groups as possible. Please respond with your availability by January 2nd.

Option 1 – Thursday Jan. 19th from 7-9pm
Option 2 – Saturday 21st from 1-3pm
Option 3 – Wednesday 25th from 7-9pm

The location is TBD, but may be Pearkes Rec. Centre as that location has worked pretty well for us in the past.

This meeting is open to all the current Colquitz Coalition groups and any groups interested in our activities and/or in joining, or individuals interested in environmental stewardship/volunteering etc. in the watershed. This is an opportunity to share the projects your group has been working on, goals achieved, setbacks experienced, and to talk of future projects, build partnerships, etc.

Any and all members of the individual groups are welcome to attend (not just the Colquitz Coalition reps).

Thank you in advance for your response, and we look forward to meeting with you in the new year~!

Francesca, Peninsula Streams Society