Habitat Acquisition Trust

Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT)

HAT logo creating_conservation_legacies_w_white_space1) Who are you?

Habitat Acquisition Trust

2) What does your group do?

Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) helps people understand and care for natural environments in the Capital region. We are a non-profit, local land trust. HAT works to protect ecosystems and habitat permanently. We do this in three ways:

– land acquisition through purchase or donation;
– conservation covenants;
– education & stewardship.

HAT accepts donations of property, purchases land, and helps landowners establish permanent legal restrictions to protect natural habitats. HAT works in partnership with governments and other non-profit organizations to achieve our goals. We also work with communities, schools, and individual landowners to enhance habitat protection on private land. Our mandate area centres around the Capital Regional District of British Columbia, and consists of southern Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands.

3) When does your group meet? Please include board meetings.

Monthly board meetings. Full time staff and regular volunteers.

4) What is your geographical jurisdiction with respect to the Colquitz watershed?


5) What projects have you accomplished with respect to the Colquitz watershed?

Good Neighbours Landowner Contact Program since 2005. Our multiple award-winning Good Neighbours Project recognizes over 550 Habitat Stewards from Sooke to Galiano Island. Since 2001 the land trust has focused on a different area of the Region to learn about local issues and share solutions with residents. We find opportunities to engage neighbours in local science-based demonstration projects that benefit nature and create stronger community networks. In addition to helping individual families with land use decisions, we create events for community action. HAT has provided Species At Risk focused outreach services in the Colquitz Watershed since 2005, raising community awareness of Painted Turtle habitat needs and conservation goals.

HAT also reviews Park management plans and public land restoration strategies with Regional and municipal Parks staff.

6) What are your current projects with respect to the Colquitz watershed?

– Partnership with Peninsula Streams at Royal Oak Middle School, Creatures of Habitat annual event
– Partnership with RiverSong Project at Colquitz Middle School
– Partnership with Swan Lake on Western Painted Turtle research
– Partnership with CRD Regional Parks on Turtle research & stewardship
– Colquitz Coalition

7) How can others participate in your groups’ projects? Are there any requirements?

We have a volunteer program for involving people in conservation research, office assistance, and stewardship events.

8) How is your group funded?

Provincial and Federal Program funding, private, municipal, and corporate donations, memberships, foundation grants.

9) Contact info:

Habitat Acquisition Trust
PO Box 8552, Victoria, BC, V8W 3S2
Office at 825 Broughton St.


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