Swan Creek Capital City Allotment Gardens Restoration Project

Date: Beginning July 2015

About the Project:

Swan Creek is an urban Salmon stream in Greater Victoria. It was logged, then farmed and ditched in many areas. The upper reach below Swan Lake has a Community Garden area that is very popular and well-used. In winter, the lower elevation garden plots flood due to the plugged creek channel from the past and present activities. The problems were identified in a 2014 habitat assessment resulting in a collaborative plan by the Peninsula Streams Society, District of Saanich, Friends of Swan Creek Watershed and Capital City Allotment Gardens Society. The restoration plan involves moving garden plots, establishing best environmental management practices for the gardeners (i.e. fertilizers, garbage, encroachment, etc.) and restoring the creek channel. Our plans include:  excavating the accumulated sediments, removing invasive plants, improving storm water inputs, installing spawning gravel, deepening pools, planting native plants and installing educational signage. With thanks to the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Photo Credit:  Debbie Oostland