Colquitz Main-stem Community Meeting

November 4, 2015 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Saanich Community Church
4566 W Saanich Rd
Victoria, BC V8Z 5C3

The Colquitz Mainstem Stewardship group will meet Wed. Nov. 4th at the Saanich Community Church. Free parking is available in the parking lot.

Please RSVP if you can make it~! (this is also so we can contact you if the meeting time or location change at the last minute)

The Nov. 4th meeting will have more of a workshop format than the first meeting. We’ve hired consultant Anne Marie Daniel, who facilited the early meetings of the Friends of Swan Creek stewardship group back in 2013. As well a Saanich Parks Department rep will attend to speak about the Wilkinson Bridge Replacement project and resultant stream/riparian restoration opportunities that will take place in Summer 2016. They plan to create a trail along the creek within the linear park along Lindsay Ave. Saanich has invited the new mainstem group (you!) to participate in these upcoming activities.

The Purpose
The meeting of November 4th is a chance for everyone who is interested in being a part of the restoration of Colquitz mainstem to begin working together. There will be materials and maps to help you think about what needs to happen. The room will be set up like a café so that small groups can all get a chance to discuss key questions. You can move about to different tables to listen to the other conversations over the course of the evening.

By the end of the evening, you will know:
· What people see as the possibilities and difficulties in restoring the river.
· Which structure/level of organization people prefer to get this work done. (see below)
· What people want to do and which aspects of the restoration work they are interested in. (see below)
· Which aspect(s) of the restoration work appeal to you.

How do you want to help with the restoration of Colquitz Main Stem? Below are 4 aspects of restoring Colquitz Main Stem that will need community involvement. Please think about which aspect interests you the most. (You will have an opportunity on the 4th to sit down with the other people who are also interested in that aspect of restoration.)

· Education and Awareness – Including Parks and Trails Issues
· Storm water Management and Water Quality-Including Spill Reporting, Response and Prevention
· Stream Channel Restoration – Including Riparian Vegetation
· Birds, Fish and Wildlife – Population inventories, habitat inventories, habitat restoration